Top tips to make the flies buzz off this Summer.


Earlier this year we headed up to Winton in outback Queensland. It was April, the weather was perfect, the roads were all open but we had some unwanted hitch hikers that followed us everywhere…the flies! A mixture of floods and warmer weather about a month before our trip made it perfect conditions for the flies to thrive. As annoying as they were, we still managed to enjoy the rest of our trip thanks to the below tips we picked up along the way.

1 - Buy the ridiculous fly net hat. It is honestly a lifesaver and your new best friend. You won’t feel like an idiot once you feel the relief of not having a million flies on your face. You can grab these from chemists, $2 shops or any outdoor store.

2- Buy an even bigger one of these for your campsite. The canopy fly nets aren’t very expensive and are pretty easy to set up if you’re camping in a spot that will allow you to hang things above your set up. If you want to be a bit fancy you can get fly screen attachments to your awnings but if you need a quick fix the fly net canopy is your best bet.

3 - Get up and going early! Trust me, this is coming from a non morning person but getting up early means being able to eat your breakfast without a side of flies. Same goes for dinner, waiting for the sun to go down before you cook will save you the hassle while prepping your meal.

4 - If you can start a fire as soon as you get to camp. We found the fire seemed to keep the flies at bay until the sun went down and they finally buggered off.

5- And lastly try and find a dry campsite away from water. Although we know there’s nothing better than setting up camp next to a river, beach or lake the bugs are attracted to those environments just as much as we are.

Hopefully these tips will help you stay sane on your next camping trip!