Wanderings Tales - Chris Ellis

What got you into photography?

I first got into photography when I turned 21, my parents bought me a DSLR for my 21st because they wanted to get me something meaningful that I could remember, something sentimental and something I could get a lot of use out of. I pretty much didn't know anything about photography when I got it. I spent hours upon hours researching and learning. Its different learning when it’s something you become very passionate about. I wanted to know everything about it, how the camera worked, shutter speeds, aperture, ISO and all the rest. The best thing about photography I think is that there is so much to learn and I feel like there is so much I still need to learn. I love experimenting with different things that I see other professional photographers doing that I want to try. The other thing I love about photography is that it gives me an unnecessary excuse to get out and explore. 


What kind of camera do you use? 

I use a Canon 7D but I would eventually really love to buy a Canon 5D.


What inspires you most?

The thing that inspires me most is my inner passion for the outdoors and wanting to do something with my weekend. I always want to go somewhere and do something whether it be camping to go surfing, hiking, four wheel driving with the boys or just driving somewhere to go camping. Camping is in my blood. My siblings and I were born and bred on camping and it’s just something that I love. Then when I got into photography I just started taking photos mainly when we went camping. The other thing that inspires me a lot are a range of other photographers, people like Chris Burkard, Alex Marks, Woody Gooch, Anthony Dodds, Ugene Tan and Ken Duncan. They all have landscape photography in common and all specialise in their little something. Its so awesome being able to try things that you see those guys doing to try and make what you're doing that little bit better. 


Where's your favourite place to wander?

My favourite place to wander at the moment would have to be Wilsons Promontory, it is so pristine down there and such an untouched part of the Victorian Coastline. If you walk to the other side of the prom its like you are on your own secluded island, its awesome. My other favourite place, which is like a second home, is Phillip Island. My parents have a beach house there and we have so many good memories there from when we were really young right through to now. There is so much exploring to do down there and hidden treasures to find, my favourite spot on the whole island is around on the tip of cape Woolamai, its one thing to see it from the top but something even more special from the water. Pretty much I love anywhere that is by the water or a perfect place to set up camp and a bonny with mates.  


If you could do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

My other passion in life is Carpentry and fiddling with things. I love making things, building things, restoring old things or pretty much anything you can do with your hands I will give it a go. I am a carpenter by trade which is something that I love, I wouldn't say that being a carpenter is what I want to do with the rest of my life but I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of forgetting about the monetary value of things, having a massive shed and hundreds of projects to tinker with. Between that and travel, that’s how I would ideally want to live my life.